“life force energy”


Rei means higher power in the Japanese language. It also means God’s Wisdom while Ki simply means “life force energy”. So when you combine the word to Reiki, it means a Japanese way of healing and cutting back stress from the human body system.

Those who practice Reiki claim that it is capable of healing the spirit and the body in a miraculous way. There are also claims that it does not favor any particular religion and that it is not a religion itself. It also does not require one to practice the beliefs of other regular and consistent practitioners. This means there is no need of one believing in anything.

Since the core principle of Reiki is sourced from God, it transcends all religions that believe in God. It means that Reiki will actually strengthen a person’s faith and conviction to the almighty. However, according to Dr. Mikao Usui, the Reiki system of natural healing has been met by several hurdles in the Christian world. He claims that people should put the Reiki system into the practice of basic and normal human behaviors like advancing peace and harmony and this is something that is really common among all denominations.

One thing you need to know is that learning the Reiki Reiki Technique can prove to be a unique experience in itself. This is because, instead of one being taught in a classroom like everyone expects, the Reiki technique is usually passed on or handed down to the student by the Reiki master. This is usually done in an “attunement” session and in that event, the student is allowed to draw from free themselves from the life force energy and in turn enhance one’s quality life. The unique thing about the Reiki technique is that it requires the client to actively participate in every step. For one to improve their health, they must actively participate in the Reiki technique and receive healing.

The Reiki technique comes in three different degrees. They include;

-First degree. For this one, the Reiki practitioner has the ability to heal themselves as well as heal someone else.

-The second degree. For this one, the Reiki practitioner has the ability to heal individuals who are not even close to their location. This is simply incredible.

-The Teacher/Master degree level. In this level, the practitioner has the ability to perform everything that a first and second-degree individual can. Additionally, they have the ability of teaching and standardizing others who would be willing to achieve any degree of the Reiki healing system.

A person by the name Hawayo Takata was able to expand the original and traditional Reiki healing technique and develop it into the Western Reiki system. This ensured that the primary goal of the Reiki system was to heal illnesses. This system was first practiced in Hawaii. It then landed in California and the rest is now history. There was a general view that the Reiki principles effectively matched the general western culture in a huge way. That is what brought forth the development of the western Reiki system.