Usui Reiki

Almost every individual starts their Reiki journey with the “Usui” system. When beginning a Reiki class in most cases, you will begin with the foundation then move forward from there. Usui simply means Rediscovering Reiki and then distilling its system for others to learn.

Mikao Usui

MIKAO USUI (pictured above) – More on MIKAO USUI Wiki

For those who want to become Reiki practitioners, the students will begin with some guided meditation followed by learning some guidelines, then positioning of the hands, then practicing on each other, and finally receiving the attunements. The attunements are simply the ceremony that is performed by one of the Reiki masters present. This allows you to be able to access energy and then channel it to promote healing in yourself and others.

Many times following the attunements, the new practitioner experiences some form of personal cleansing for anywhere from a few hours to about a couple of weeks because the attunements usually have raised the vibrational rates of the energy centers. This leads to the practitioner now channeling greater quantities of energy. This is the reason why those who take Reiki seriously normally ask new students to wait in between to be able to achieve higher risk levels. The concept here is that the stronger the foundation, the better the future practice will be.

The USIU system of Reiki usually consist of three levels or degrees for that matter. They include;

Level 1. This level enables one to channel energy in a balanced way in that you can be able to heal yourself, heal animals and plants as well as other people.

Level 2. In this level, the practitioner is introduced to the 3 symbols of the USUI system of Reiki. This level one can access higher energy vibrational rates for even distance healing across space and time. This level also increases the intuitive awareness of the practitioner.

Level 3. This is the master level. This is achieved by only those who are of the interest of teaching and practicing Reiki. This level involves achieving some higher vibrational rates than those achieved in levels 2 and 1. At this level, one can initiate new students into the Usui system of Reiki.